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What are orthotics

Orthotics or Orthoses are foot supports that fit in your shoes and balance biomechanical inadequacies in your feet and legs. Our feet are designed to adapt to many different surfaces. However, the surfaces we walk on have been changed by man, who has created more stable environments by laying down coverings such as concrete and tarmac which can adversely affect our feet.

An orthotic is a conservative approach to prevent a foot problem. It is an in-shoe device used to make the foot more comfortable and improve movement. The orthotic is not solely an arch-support, it is used to support the foot in a more neutral position so that pressure is distributed more evenly across the sole of the foot. Abnormal or irregular walking patterns can be improved and very often leg and back fatigue is reduced. Orthotic devices are used by people of all ages and levels of activity.

There are a range of devices available from basic over the counter insoles and arch supports to bespoke orthotics that are designed and produced to fit your feet exactly.

At Suite6podiatry we have a range of orthotics available from over the counter type insoles to semi-bespoke and bespoke insoles.

I find that vast majority of people benefit from semi bespoke orthotics these are made from a thermoplastic material whose flexibility and rigidity can be varied, along with different arch heights and coverings most adults and children can be accommodated.

For those with more complex problems I will often provide a temporary orthotic which can be modified in the surgery this allows me to explore the best possible solution at a modest cost before investing in a custom built or bespoke orthosis which will often require a cast to be taken of the feet and incorporates specific measurements of your feet and legs before being sent off for manufacture.

Both bespoke and semi bespoke orthotics last for several years and can be recovered if necessary.

In addition to the normal range of orthotics I can offer condition specific insoles that have been designed for use in certain conditions such as plantar fasciitis,Achilles tendonitis,tibialis posterior dysfunction and degenerative joint disease problems such as hullux rigidus these again are a very cost effective solution and are little dearer than those available over the counter.

Finally for those people who require simple cushioning because of arthritic changes to the joints in their feet or for those who have diabetic feet, a number of newer materials are now available that when incorporated into insoles provide high levels of comfort. These flat orthotics with cushioning properties are particularly effective where there is a loss of the protective fatty pad. However, this type of orthotic tends to be bulkier and does require roomy shoes.